Chapter 2. Tools

Table of Contents

1. News
2. Label Creator
2.1. Templates
2.2. Profiles
2.3. Layouts
2.4. Batches
3. Quick Spine Label Creator
4. Patron Card Creator
4.1. Templates
4.2. Profiles
4.3. Layouts
4.4. Batches
4.5. Manage Images
5. Calendar & Holidays
5.1. Adding Events
5.2. Editing Events
5.3. Additional Help
6. Comments/Reviews
7. Tag Moderation
8. CSV Profiles
8.1. Add CSV Profiles
8.2. Modify CSV Profiles
8.3. Using CSV Profiles
9. Stage MARC Records for Import
10. Staged MARC Record Management
11. Export Bibliographic and Holdings Data (MARC Export)
12. Patron Import
12.1. Creating Patron File
12.2. Importing Patrons
13. Patrons (anonymize, bulk-delete)
14. Upload Patron Images
15. Task Scheduler
15.1. Troubleshooting
16. Notices
16.1. Adding Notices
16.2. Existing Notices
17. Overdue Notice/Status Triggers
18. Log Viewer
19. Inventory/Stocktaking
20. Batch item modification
21. Batch item deletion

Tools in Koha all perform some sort of action. Often many of the items listed under Tools in Koha are referred to as 'Reports' in other library management systems.

1. News

  • Get there: More > Tools > Additional Tools > News

Koha's news module allows librarians to post news to the OPAC, staff interface and circulation receipts.

To add news to either the OPAC, the Staff Client or a Circulation receipt:

  • Click 'New Entry'

    • Under 'Display Location' choose whether to put the news on the OPAC, Slip (circulation receipt) or the Librarian (Staff) Interface.

    • Choose a title for your entry

    • Using the publication and expiration date fields you can control how long your item appears

    • 'Appear in position' lets you decide what order your news items appear in

    • The 'News' box allows for the use of HTML for formatting of your news item

  • After filling in all of the fields, click 'Submit'

  • News in the OPAC will appear above the OpacMainUserBlock

  • News in the Staff Client will appear on the far left of the screen

  • News on the circulation receipts will appear below the items that are checked out