7. Searching

7.1. Advanced Search

7.1.1. Scan Indexes

Question: What does 'scan indexes' on the advanced search page mean?

Answer: When you choose an index, enter a term, click 'scan indexes' and do the search, Koha displays the searched term and the following terms found in this index with the number of corresponding records That is search is not made directly in the catalog, but first in the indexes It works only for one index at once, and only with no limit in Location (All libraries needed)

7.1.2. Searching for Terms that Start With a Character

Question: How do I search for all titles that start with the letter 'C'?

Answer: You can choose to search for things that start with a character or series of characters by using the CCL 'first-in-subfield'

  • example: ti,first-in-subfield=C