4. Enhanced Content

4.1. Tagging

Depending on your settings for the TagsEnabled, TagsInputOnList and TagsInputOnDetail preferences you may be able to add tags to bibliographic records from the search results and/or bibliographic records. If you are allowing patrons to add tags from the search results screen you will see an input box below each result and a 'Tag' option at the top of the screen.

To add a tag to one item, type the tabs (separated by commas) in the 'New tag' box and click 'Add'. You will be presented with a confirmation of your tags being added.

From the results you can also tag items in bulk by clicking the checkboxes on the left and then clicking the 'Tag' button at the top. After clicking the button it will change into an input box for you to add tags to all of the items you have selected.


Patrons can leave comments in the OPAC if you have the reviewson preference set to allow this. Each bibliographic record has a comments tab below the bibliographic information.

If the patron is logged in they will see a link to add a comment to the item. Clicking this link will open a pop up window with a box for their comments.

Once the comment has been typed and the 'Submit' button clicked, the patron will see their comment as pending and other patrons will simply see that there are no comments on the item.

Once the comment is approved the patron will see the comment highlighted in yellow as their comment.

Other patrons will see the comment with the name of the patron who left the comment (unless you have set the ShowReviewer preference to not show patron names).

If you'd like to link to a page of recent comments added to your catalog you simply need to add a link to http://YOURCATALOG/cgi-bin/koha/opac-showreviews.pl to anywhere on your OPAC:

4.3. Zotero

Zotero is a Firefox add on that allows for the saving and generating of a bibliography. Learn more about and download Zotero at http://zotero.org.

When on the search results in the Koha OPAC, if you have Zotero installed, you will see a folder icon in the address bar to the right of the URL. Clicking that folder will open up a list of titles on the page for you to pick from to add to Zotero.

Select the titles you want to add to Zotero and then click the 'OK' button. This will add the title to Zotero. You can see the title by opening your Zotero library.

4.4. Custom RSS Feeds

Using misc/cronjobs/rss/rss.pl you can generate an RSS feed for any SQL query (for example a new acquisitions RSS feed). rss.pl is run on the command line to produce an RSS XML document.

The output should be placed in a directory accessible to the OPAC (or staff) web interface so that users can download the RSS feed.

An example of usage can be found at: misc/cronjobs/rss.pl lastAcquired.conf

Normally rss.pl should be run periodically (e.g., daily) to keep the feed up-to-date.

The configuration file (e.g., lastAcquired.conf) lists

  • name of the template file to use

  • path of output file

  • SQL query

rss.pl runs the SQL query, then feeds the output of the query through the template to produce the output file.


To use custom RSS feeds you need to turn on the cron job.