3. Authorities

Authority records are a way of controlling fields in your MARC records. Using authority records will provide you with control over subject headings, personal names and places.

3.1. Adding Authorities

To add a new authority record, choose the authority type from the 'New Authority' button.

The form that appears will allow you to enter all of the necessary details regarding your authority record.

To expand collapsed values simply click on the title and the subfields will appear.

3.2. Searching Authorities

From the authorities page you can search for existing terms and the bibliographic records they are attached to.

From the results you will see the authority record, how many bibliographic records it is attached to, and a delete link (if there are not bibliographic records attached).

Clicking on the authority record summary will open the full record and the option to edit the record.

3.3. Editing Authorities

Authorities can be edited by clicking on the authority summary from the search results and then clicking the 'Edit' button above the record.

Once you've made the necessary edits, simply click 'Save' and all of the records that use this authority record will be updated.

To delete an authority record you first must make sure it's not linked to any bibliographic records. If it is not used by any bibliographic records a 'Delete' link will appear to the right of the record on the search results and as a button that appears after clicking on the summary of the authority record.