10. Tracking In house Use

Many libraries track the use of items within the library.


This is different from tracking on site usage. In house use is the use of items in the library by patrons without them having to check them out. On site use is the use of items on site that must first be checked out. To learn more about on site usage please review the OnSiteCheckouts preference.

Tracking the use of items in the library without checking them out can be done in Koha one of two ways. The first is to create one or more Statistical Patrons. When collecting items that have been used within the library, you will want to check them out to your statistical patron:

Instead of marking the item as 'checked out' the system will record that the item was used in house:

Repeat these steps for all items that have been used within the library to keep accurate statistics for item use.

The other way to record local use of items is to set your RecordLocalUseOnReturn preference to 'Record.' Then whenever you check an item in that is not checked out and not on hold a local use will be recorded.


If you have RecordLocalUseOnReturn set to 'Record' you can still use your statistical patrons to record local use as well.