Chapter 18. SOPAC2 Installation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Installation of Locum and Insurge
2.1. Dependencies
2.2. Download
2.3. Creation of the Database
2.4. Sync DSN
2.5. Installation of Insurge
2.6. Installation of Locum
3. Installation of Koha Connector
4. Harvest Records
5. Installation of Sphinx
5.1. Dependencies
5.2. Download and Compile
5.3. Creation of User and Group
5.4. The Sphinx daemon
5.5. Configuration
5.6. Indexing documents
6. Installation of SOPAC2
6.1. Download
6.2. Installation
6.3. Configuration

1. Introduction

Jean-André Santoni


Edited by

Nicole C. Engard

Translation and minor edits. 

August 2009

This is an installation guide for SOPAC2 and its Koha connector. It has been tested on Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Jaunty with Drupal 6.12 and Koha 3.0.x. It does not cover the installation of Koha and Drupal, only SOPAC, its dependencies and the connector.