2. Renewing

Checked out items can be renewed (checked out for another period of time) based on your circulation rules and renewal preferences.

If you allow it, patrons can renew their own items via the OPAC, but sometimes you'll need to help them by renewing their items via the staff client.

To renew items checked out to a patron, you can do one of two things.

The first is to visit their details page or checkout page and review their checkout summary at the bottom.

In the Renew column you will see how many times each item has been renewed and a checkbox to renew the item for the patron. Check the boxed of the items you would like to renew and click the 'Renew or Return checked items' button, or to renew all items checked out to the patron simply click the 'Renew all' button.

Sometimes renewals will be blocked based on your circulation rules, to override this block you must have your AllowRenewalLimitOverride preference set to 'Allow'. If you allow renewal limit overrides, you will see a checkbox at the bottom left of the circulation summary. Check that box and then choose the items you would like to renew.

Checking that box will add checkboxes in the renew column above where before the item was not renewable.

The second option is to visit the 'Renew' page found under the Circulation menu.

And scan the barcodes of the items you would like to renew.

If the item is renewed you will receive a confirmation message.

If the barcode is not found you will be presented with an error.

If the item is not actually checked out you will also receive an error.