Chapitre 5. Cataloging

Table des matières

1. Bibliographic Records
1.1. Adding Records
1.2. Editing Records
1.3. Duplicating Records
2. Item Records
2.1. Adding Items
2.2. Editing Items
2.3. Moving Items
3. Authorities

1. Bibliographic Records

1.1. Adding Records

Records can be added to Koha via original or copy cataloging. If you would like to catalog a record using a blank template

  • Click 'New Record'

    • Choose the framework you would like to base your record off of

If you want to catalog a record based on an existing record at another library

  • Click 'z39.50 Search'

    • Search for the item you would like to catalog

      • Astuce

        If no results are found, try searching for fewer fields, not all Z39.50 targets can search all of the fields above.

    • Search targets can be altered by using the Z39.50 Admin area.

    • From the results you can view the MARC or Card view for the records or choose to Import them into Koha

Once you've opened a blank framework or imported a record via Z39.50 you will be presented with the form to continue cataloging

  • To exapand a collapsed tag click on the tag number

  • To duplicate a field click on the + (plus sign) to the right of the tag

    • To move subfields in to the right order, click the up arrow to the left of the field

    • To remove a subfield (if there is more than one of the same type), click the - (minus sign) to the right of the field

  • To use a plugin click on the ... (ellipse) to the right of the filed

  • Once you've finished, click the 'Save' button at the top

    • If you are about to add a duplicate record to the system you will be warned before saving

1.2. Editing Records

To edit a record you can click 'Edit Biblio' from the search results on the cataloging page

or by clicking the Edit button on the Bibliographic Record

The record will open in the MARC editor

Once you have made your edits you can click 'Save' at the top of the editor.

1.3. Duplicating Records

Sometimes a copy of the record you need to catalog can't be found via Z39.50. In these cases you can create a duplicate of similar record and edit the necessary pieces to create a new record. To duplicate an existing record click 'Edit as New (Duplicate)' from the Edit menu on the Bibliographic Record

This will open a new MARC record with the fields filled in with the values from the original BIbliographic Record.