12. Self Checkout

Koha comes with a very basic self checkout module. To use this module you have to log in as a staff member with circulation permissions.


Create a staff patron specifically for this action so that you don't leave a real staff client logged into a computer all day

There is no link to the Self Checkout module, but a simple addition to the intranetuserjs system preference can add one.

$(document).ready(function(){ $("#login
      target=\"_blank\">Self-Checkout</a></p>"); }); 

The link will then appear at the bottom of the log in page:

You can also access this module by going to : http://YOUR_KOHA_OPAC_URL/cgi-bin/koha/sco/sco-main.pl

When on the self checkout page you will be asked to enter your patron card number:

Once your card number is entered you will be asked to scan the items you are checking out

As you scan items they will appear below the barcode box

When you are finished scanning items it is important to click the 'Click here if done' button to log the patron out and prepare for the next patron.

When attempting to check items out there are some instances where error messages will appear and the patron will be directed to the librarian.