9. Circulation Reports

9.1. Holds Queue

This report will show you all of the holds at your library. To generate this report, you must have the Build Holds Queue cron job running.

9.2. Holds to pull

This report will show you all of the items that have holds on them that are available at the library for pulling.

This report will be generated based on a few system preferences:

  • StaticHoldsQueueWeight

    • Allows the library to specify a list of library location codes -- if used alone, it will rank the list statically, selecting the top-ranking available location to be added to the picklist.

  • RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight

    • If 'RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight' and 'StaticHoldsQueueWeight' are set, the list of library codes in the 'StaticHoldsQueueWeight' system preference are randomized rather than statically ranked. If RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight alone is set, the list of all available library codes is used to randomize the weight.

If neither 'RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight' or 'StaticHoldsQueueWeight' is set, the holds queue is statically ranked according to how they are pulled out of the system database.

You can limit the results you see by using the Refine box on the left side of the page:

9.3. Holds awaiting pickup

This report will show all of the holds that are waiting for patrons to pick them up.

9.4. Hold ratios

Hold ratios help with collection development. Using this report you will be able to see how many of your patrons have holds on items and whether you should buy more. By default it will be set to the library needing 3 items per hold that has been placed. The report will tell you how many additional items need to be purchased to meet this quota.

9.5. Transfers to receive

This report will list all of the items that Koha thinks are in transit to your library.

9.6. Overdues


For libraries with a large patron base, this report may take a significant amount of time to run.

This report will list all items that are overdue at your library.

The report can be filtered using the menu options found on the left of the report.

9.7. Overdues with fines