5. Holds

5.1. Placing Holds in Staff Client

There are several ways to place holds from the staff client. The most obvious is using the 'Place Hold' button at the top of any bibliographic record.

You can also click the smaller 'Place Hold' link found at the top of your catalog search results, or the 'Holds' link found below each result.

You will be asked to search for a patron by barcode or any part of their name to start the hold process.

Depending on how many items you choose to place a hold on at once you will be see a different place hold form. If you are placing a hold on one bibliographic record you will see a list of all of the items you can place a hold on.

  • Enter any notes that might apply to this hold

  • Choose the library where the patron will pick up the item

  • If the patron wants the hold to start on a date other than today, enter that in the 'Hodl starts on date' field

  • Next choose if you want to place a hold on the next available item or a specific item by clicking the radio button next to an individual item.

If you're placing a hold on multiple items you will be presented with the next available option for both titles.

5.2. Managing Holds

5.3. Receiving Holds