2. Circulation

2.1. Dropbox Date

Question: How is the dropbox date is determined? Is it the last open date for the checkout branch? Is it today's date minus one? Can the dropbox checkin date be set?

Answer: If the library is cHow is the dropbox date is determined?losed for four days for renovations, for example, there would be more than one day needed for the dropbox date. You will only have one dropbox date and that will be the last day that the library open (determined by the holiday calendar) because there is no real way to know what day the books were dropped into the box during the 4 closed days. The only way to change the effective checkin date in dropbox mode is to modify the calendar.

2.2. Duplicate Overdue Notices

Question: Why are patrons getting two overdue notices?

Answer: This tool takes all branches in the overdue rules and sent notifications to them. So, if you have a default rule & a branch rule, the notification will be generated twice. A quick fix is to discard "default rule" for instance.