Annexe J. FAQs

Table des matières

1. Display
1.1. Custom Item Type/Authorized Value Icons
2. Circulation
2.1. Dropbox Date
2.2. Duplicate Overdue Notices
3. Cataloging
3.1. Authority Fields
4. Reports
4.1. Define Codes Stored in DB
5. Enhanced Content
5.1. FRBRizing Content
6. System Administration
6.1. Errors in Zebra Cron
6.2. Making Z39.50 Target Public
6.3. Shelving Location Authorized Values
6.4. Why do I need Authorized Values?
7. Hardware
7.1. Barcode Scanners
7.2. Printers

1. Display

1.1. Custom Item Type/Authorized Value Icons

Question: Can I have my own set of item type images (or authorized value icons)?

Answer: Absoltuley. To add additional icons to your system you simply add a new directory to koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/img/itemtypeimg/ and to koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg and put your icons in the new directory. Your icons will show up in a new tab as soon as they are in the folders.

  • Astuce

    Remember to put the icons in both places (on the OPAC and the intranet).