2. Usage

After setting up Koha as a CMS you can create new pages following these instructions:

2.1. Adding Pages

To add a new page you need to add a system preference under Local Use.

  • Get there: More > Administration > Global System Preferences > Local Use

  • Click 'New Preference'

  • Enter in a description in the Explanation field

  • Enter a value that starts with 'page_' in the Variable field

  • Enter starting HTML in the Value field

  • Set the Variable Type to Textarea

  • Set the Variable options to something like 20|20 for 20 rows and 20 columns

2.2. Viewing your page

You can view your new page at http://YOUR-OPAC/cgi-bin/koha/pages.pl?p=PAGENAME where PAGENAME is the part you entered after 'page_' in the Variable field.

2.3. Example

This process can be used to create recommended reading lists within Koha. So once the code changes have been made per the instructions on 'Koha as a CMS' you go through the 'Adding a New Page' instructions above to great a page for 'Recommended Reading Lists'

Next we need to create pages for our various classes (or categories). To do this, return to the 'Adding a New Page' section and create a preference for the first class.

Next you'll want to link your first page to your new second page, go to the page_recommend preference and click 'Edit.' Now you want to edit the HTML to include a link to your newest page:

2.4. Live Examples

  • The Crawford Library at Dallas Christian College is using this method for their recommended reading lists: http://opac.dallas.edu/