2. For Epson TM-T88II (2) Printers

Register at the EpsonExpert Technical Resource Center website to gain access to the drivers; go to Technical Resources, then choose the printer model from the Printers drop-down list.

2.1. In Firefox

Under File » Page Setup:

  • Shrink to fit page on Format & Options tab

  • 0,0,0,0 for Margins on Margins & Header/Footer Tab. This makes the receipts use all available space on the paper roll.

  • Set all Headers/Footers to -blank-. This removes all of the gunk you might normally find on a print from firefox, such as the URL, number of pages, etc.

  • Click OK

Set the default printer settings in Firefox so you don't see a "Print" dialog:

  • Go to File -> Print

  • Set the Printer to the receipt printer.

  • Print whatever page you are on.

  • Type about:config, in the address bar. Click "I'll be careful, I promise!" on the warning message.

  • Type, print.always in Filter.

  • Look for, print.always_print_silent.

    • If the preference is there then set the value to true.

  • If the preference is not there (and it shouldn't be in most browsers) you have to add the preference.

    • Right click the preference area and select New -> Boolean

    • Type, print.always_print_silent in the dialog box and set the value to True. This sets the print settings in Firefox to always use the same settings and print without showing a dialog box.


Setting the print.always_print_silent setting in about:config DISABLES the ability to choose a printer in Firefox.