3. Managing Suggestions

Depending on your settings in the suggestion system preference, patrons may be able to make purchase suggestions via the OPAC. When a suggestion is waiting for library review, it will appear on the Acquisitions home page in the list of links on the left of the page.

Clicking 'Manage suggestions' will take you to the suggestion management tool. If there are no pending suggestions you can access the suggestion management tool by clicking the 'Manage suggestions' link on the menu on the left of the Acquisitions page.

Your suggestions will be sorted into three categories: Accepted, Pending, and Rejected. Each accepted or rejected suggestion will show the name of the librarian who managed the suggestion and the reason they gave for accepting or rejecting it (found under 'Status').

For libraries with lots of suggestions, there are filters on the left hand side of the Manage Suggestions page to assist in limiting the number of titles displayed on the screen.

Clicking on the blue headings will expand the filtering options and clicking '[clear]' will clear all filters and show all suggestions.

When reviewing 'Pending' suggestions you can choose to check the box next to the item(s) you want to approve/reject and then choose the status and reason for your selection. You can also choose to completely delete the suggestion by checking the 'Delete selected' box.

Reasons for accepting and rejecting suggestions are defined by the SUGGEST authorized value.

If you choose 'Others...' as your reason you will be prompted to enter your reason in a text box. Clicking 'Cancel' to the right of the box will bring back the pull down menu with authorized reasons.

Once you have clicked 'Submit' the suggestion will be moved to the matching tab. The status will also be updated on the patron's account in the OPAC.