7. Installation of SOPAC2

Now to the SOPAC software itself:

7.1. Download

Download from SVN:

$ cd /chemin/vers/drupal/sites/all/
$ mkdir modules
$ cd modules/
$ svn co http://dobby.darienlibrary.org/svn/sopac/trunk/ sopac

7.2. Installation

Going in the administration of Drupal to activate the module. Enable also the dependencies:

  • Profile

  • PHP Filter

  • Path

The Drupal menu should now list these entries.

7.3. Configuration

Then go into the settings of SOPAC.

  • Configure the paths to the Locum and Insurge libraries

  • Choose a URL prefix SOPAC, in my "catalog". Create a node with content like:

print sopac_search_form('both');
print theme('pages_catalog');
  • Check the Input Format "PHP Code"

  • Check Move to front page

  • In URL path settings, set the SOPAC URL prefix you have chosen.

Go to the root of Drupal, a search form will appear.

Thinking to empty the cache of Drupal when something does not work.

Drupal offers a few blocks, not configured by default. Must specify on which page they should appear.