8. Enhanced Content

8.1. FRBRizing Content

Question: At our public library we are running a Koha installation and we've tried to turn on all the nice functionalities in Koha such as the frbrising tool, but do not get the same result as Nelsonville public library.

Answer: In fact, this feature is quite tricky to make that right. First it looks at xisbn service. And then search in your database for that isbn. So both xisbn and your internal isbn (in biblio table) have to be normalized. You could therefore use the script misc/batchupdateISBNs.pl (it removes all the - in your local ISBNs)

8.2. Amazon

8.2.1. Amazon Private Key

Question: Why do I need the AWSPrivateKey as well as the AWSAccessKeyID to use Amazon Content?

Answer: After 2009-08-15, Amazon Web Services will expect that all requests to the Product Advertising API, which is what Koha uses for retrieving reviews and other enhanced content from Amazon, include signatures. This patch and subsequenct patches implement this functionality.

What this means in practice (assuming the user has elected to use any enhanced content from Amazon) is that

  1. The user must get a Amazon Secret Access Key. This can be done by logging in to the user's AWS account at (e.g.) http://aws.amazon.com/, going to the 'Access Identifiers' page, and from there retrieving and/or creating a new Secret Access Key.

  2. The contents of the Secret Access Key should then be entered into the new AWSPrivateKey system preference.

Once that is done, grabbing reviews and table of contents from Amazon should work as normal. If the user doesn't do this before 2009-08-15, reviews and TOCs will no longer be supplied from Amazon, although there should be no crashes - the content will simply not show up.

Note that the requirement to sign requests does *NOT* appear to apply to simply displaying book covers from Amazon.

8.2.2. All Amazon Content

Question: I have all of the Amazon preferences turned on and have entered both of my keys, but none of the content appears in my system, why is that?

Answer: Amazon's API checks your server time on all requests and if your server time is not set properly requests will be denied. To resolve this issue be sure to set your system time appropriately. Once that change in made Amazon content should appear immediately.

On Debian the the command is date -s "2010-06-30 17:21" (with the proper date and time for your timezone).