2. Vendors

Before any orders can be places you must first enter at least one vendor.

2.1. Add a Vendor

To add a vendor click the 'New Vendor' button on the Acquisitions page

The vendor add form is broken into three pieces

  • The first section is for basic information about the Vendor

    • Of these fields, only the Vendor name is required, the rest of the information should be added to help with generating claim letters and invoices

  • The second section is for information regarding your contact at the Vendor's office

    • None of these fields are required, they should only be entered if you want to keep track of your contact's information within Koha

  • The final section is for billing information

    • To be able to order from a vendor you must make them 'Active'

    • For List Prices and Invoice Prices choose the currency

    • If the vendor offers a consistent blank discount, enter that in the 'Discount' field

      • You can enter item specific discounts when placing an order

    • GST rate is for any tax the vendor may charge

    • Notes are for internal use

2.2. View/Edit a Vendor

To view a vendor's information page you must search for the vendor from the Acquisitions home page. Your search can be for any part of the Vendor's name:

From the results, click on the name of the vendor you want to view or edit

To make changes to the vendor, simply click the 'Edit' button.

2.3. Vendor Contracts

You can define contracts (with a start and end date) and attach it to a vendor. This is used so that at the end of the year you can see how much you spent on a specific contract with a vendor. In some places, contracts are set up with a minimum and maximum yearly amount.

2.3.1. Add a Contract

At the top of a vendor search results page with only result or at the top of a vendor information page you will see a 'New Contract' button.

The contract form will ask for some very basic information about the contract


You will not be able to enter a contract retrospectively, the end date must not be before today's date.

Once the contract is saved it will appear below the vendor information.

It will also be an option when creating a basket