8. Fast Add Cataloging

Sometimes circulation librarians need to quickly add a record to the system for an item they are about to check out. This is called 'Fast Add.' To allow circulation librarians access to the Fast Add Cataloging tool, simply make sure they have the fast_cataloging permissions. There are two ways to add titles via fast add. If you know that you're about to check out an item that isn't in you catalog you can go to the Circulation module and click 'Fast cataloging.'

The cataloging interface will open up with the short cataloging record:

After adding your cataloging data you will be asked to enter item data. Enter the items barcode, collection code, etc and save the item before checking it out.

The other way to fast catalog is from the checkout screen. When you enter a barcode at checkout that Koha can't find, it will prompt you to use fast cataloging to add the item to Koha and check it out.

Clicking 'Fast cataloging' will bring you to the fast cataloging form where you can enter the title information

After clicking 'Save' you will be brought to the item record where the barcode will already be filled in with the barcode you're trying to check out.

After clicking the 'Add item' button the item will automatically be checked out the patron you were trying to check the book out to originally.