2. REST services

Koha can now be requested by REST http requests. BibLibre wrotes an external module to adds more possibilities than ILS-DI can provide.There is no authentication process, but authorized ips are listed in the config file. Services have been tested in 3.10, 3.12 and 3.14 koha versions. You can find more information about it into README file and opac/rest.pl documentation on http://git.biblibre.com. If you want to add features, send us a patch at dev_patches AT biblibre DOT com.

Services provided in 1.4 version are:

           GET branches
           GET user/byid/:borrowernumber/holds
           GET user/:user_name/holds
           GET user/byid/:borrowernumber/issues
           GET user/:user_name/issues
           GET user/:user_name/issues_history
           GET user/byid/:borrowernumber/issues_history
           GET user/today
           GET user/all
           POST user
           PUT user/:user_name
           GET biblio/:biblionumber/items
           GET biblio/:biblionumber/holdable
           GET biblio/:biblionumber/items_holdable_status
           GET item/:itemnumber/holdable
           PUT auth/change_password
           GET /suggestions
           GET /suggestions/:suggestionid
           POST /suggestions
           PUT /suggestions/:suggestionid
           DELETE /suggestions/:suggestionid