Chapter 13. Plugin System

Table of Contents

1. Set up

Koha's Plugin System allows for you to add additional tools and reports to Koha that are specific to your library. Plugins are installed by uploading KPZ ( Koha Plugin Zip ) packages. A KPZ file is just a zip file containing the perl files, template files, and any other files necessary to make the plugin work.

The plugin system needs to be turned on by a system administrator.

1. Set up

To set up the Koha plugin system you must first make some changes to your install.

  • Create the directory /var/lib/koha/plugins

  • Add the lines <pluginsdir>/var/lib/koha/plugins</pluginsdir> <enable_plugins>1</enable_plugins>" to your koha-conf.xml file

  • Add the line Alias /plugin/ "/var/lib/koha/plugins/" to your koha-httpd.conf file

  • Restart your webserver

Once set up is complete you will need to alter your UseKohaPlugins system preference to be able to see a Plugins option under the More menu on your toolbar. On the Tools page you will see the Tools Plugins and on the Reports page you will see the Reports Plugins.