2. Setting up your OCLC desktop client

D. Ruth Bavousett

ByWater Solutions

Heather Hernandez

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

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Nicole C. Engard



Screenshots are OCLC Connexion Client v.2.50, Koha v.3.12

To set up the OCLC Connexion desktop client to connect to Koha, go to Tools > Options, then choose the Export tab.

You should be ready to go!  To export a record from OCLC Connexion Client to Koha, just press F5 while the record is on-screen.  The export dialog will pop up, and you'll see Connexion attempting to talk to Koha.  You should get a message that the record was added or overlaid, including its biblio number, and a URL that you can copy into your web browser to jump straight to the record.