6. My Account

From the OPAC patrons can log in and access their account if you have set the opacuserlogin preference to 'Allow'. Once logged in patrons are brought to their account summary. If you would like to get to your account in the OPAC, you can click on your name in the top right of any page in the OPAC.

6.1. My Summary

From the 'my summary' tab, patrons will see all of the items they have checked out with the overdue items highlighted in red. If you have OpacRenewalAllowed set to 'Allow' then your patrons will be able to renew their books right from the OPAC. If you have HTML entered in the OPACMySummaryHTML preference then you will see that to the right of the 'Fines' column.

If your patrons would like to see the items barcodes on their list of checked out items you can set up a patron attribute with the value of SHOW_BCODE and authorized value of YES_NO.

Then on the patron's record set the value for SHOW_BCODE to yes.

This will add a column to the check out summary in the OPAC that shows the patrons the barcodes of the items they have checked out.

Clicking on the 'Overdue' tab will show only the items that are overdue.

The 'Fines' tab will show just a total of what the patron owes. Clicking on the total will take them to the 'my fines' tab where they will see a complete breakdown of their fines and bills. If you don't charge fines at your library you can turn the display of these tabs off by setting the OPACFinesTab preference to 'Don't Allow.'

Finally, clicking on the 'Holds' tab will show the patron the status of all of the items they have on hold. Items that are ready for pickup will be highlighted in yellow.

Patrons can cancel their own holds if they are not in transit or already waiting for them. They can also suspend all of their holds (depending on the value of your SuspendHoldsOpac system preference) indefinitely or until a specific date if they choose by filling in the suspend options at the bottom of the page.


If you have your AutoResumeSuspendedHolds preference set to "Don't allow" then you will not have the option to put an end date on the hold suspension

6.2. Patron Flags

If you have flagged your patron's account they may see one of the following error messages at the top of their account.

  • Card marked as lost

  • Patron address in question

    • Note

      this error message will not include a link to the update form if you have OPACPatronDetails set to 'Don't allow'

  • Patron marked restricted

6.3. My Fines

If your library charges fines the next tab on the left is 'my fines.' Opening this tab will show the patron an entire history of their accounting at the library.

6.4. My Details

If you have your OPACPatronDetails preference set to 'Allow', your patrons will see a form filled in with their contacting information by clicking on the 'my personal details' tab.

Patrons can edit their details in this form and click 'Submit Changes' to have their edits sent to the library for review before their record is updated. The email with the changes is sent to the library administration email address and lines that the patron changed will start with the field name in all caps.

If the OPACPatronDetails preference is set to 'Don't allow' then patrons will simply see their details in plain text.

6.5. My Tags

If your library has TagsEnabled set to 'Allowed' then the next tab on the left will be 'my tags.' This tab will show patrons all of the tags in the system as a cloud and then all of the tags they have applied in a list format. From here patrons have the ability to remove tags that they have added if they want.

6.6. Change My Password

Next, if you have OpacPasswordChange set to 'Allow' the next tab will be 'change my password,' where patrons can change their password for logging into the OPAC. Patrons will be presented with a standard form asking them to enter their old password and then their new password twice.

6.7. My Search History

If you have your EnableOpacSearchHistory preference set to 'Allow' then your patrons can access their search history via the 'my search history' tab.

The search history is a record of all searches run by the patron. Clicking on any of the search phrases will re-run the search for the patron. The search history can be deleted by the patron at any time by clicking the 'Delete your search history' link found at the top of this tab or by clicking the little red 'x' next to the 'Search history' link at the top right of the OPAC.

6.8. My Reading History

Depending on your library's setting for opacreadinghistory your patrons may see the 'my reading history' tab next. This will show the patron their entire reading history unless they have asked the library to not keep that information via the 'my privacy' tab which will appear if you have the OPACPrivacy preference set to 'Allow.'

6.9. My Privacy

The 'my privacy' tab will appear if you have both the opacreadinghistory and the OPACPrivacy preferences set to 'Allow.' This tab will allow the patrons to decide how the library keeps their circulation history data.

The patron can choose from three options:

  • Forever: keep my reading history without limit. This is the option for users who want to keep track of what they are reading.

  • Default: keep my reading history according to local laws. This is the default option : the library will keep your reading history for the duration permitted by local laws.

  • Never: Delete my reading history immediately. This will delete all record of the item that was checked-out upon check-in.

Depending on the patron's suggestions the contents of the 'my reading history' tab and the 'Circulation History' tab in the staff client may change.

Regardless of the patron's choice they can delete their reading history in bulk at any time by clicking the 'Immediate deletion' button.

Clicking this button will not delete items that are currently checked out, but will clear the patron's past reading history.

6.10. My Purchase Suggestions

If your library allows patrons to make purchase suggestions the next tab will show all suggestions that the patron made to the library and their statuses. To disable this tab and the suggestion functionality set the suggestion preference to 'Don't allow.'

6.11. My Messaging

If your library has the EnhancedMessagingPreferences preference set to 'Allow' then your patrons will be able to choose which messages they receive from the library (with the exception of overdue notices which the library controls).

If you also allow SMS messages with the SMSSendDriver preference, you will see an additional column to receive these messages as SMS (or text messages) and a field for a cell (or SMS) number.

  • These notices are:

    • Advanced Notice : A notice in advance of the patron's items being due (The patron can choose the number of days in advance)

    • Item Checkout : A notice that lists all the of the items the patron has just checked out and/or renewed, this is an electronic form of the checkout receipt

    • Hold Filled : A notice when you have confirmed the hold is waiting for the patron

    • Item Due : A notice on the day and item is due back at the library

    • Item Checkin : A notice that lists all the of the items the patron has just checked in

6.12. My Lists

Finally, if your library has the virtualshelves set to 'Allow' then the last tab will by 'my lists.' From here your patrons can review public lists and create or edit their own private lists.